Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Shovel or Not to Shovel....

In my city, there is a law that every homeowner must shovel their walks clear of snow and ice on a daily basis. One of the reasons our city schools are closed tomorrow is that there is so much snow and ice and the sidewalks are not clear so it is too dangerous for children to walk to school. Hmmm. Most of the kids I know are bussed...and usually across town. (But that's another gripe for another day).

Tonight on our local news, a discussion ensured about the liability of the homeowner for not keeping their sidewalks cleared. The newscaster said that a homeowner wouldn't be liable if someone were to be injured because of snow or ice covering their sidewalk...but they could be liable if they did shovel and did a poor job. Now what's with that?

So, the question is whether to shovel or not to shovel. Geesh. Can't anything be easy?

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