Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Husband Should be a Writer...NOT!

Have you ever known someone who could take one simple tiny little action and turn it into a long drawn out story? I live with that someone. For instance:

He says: "When I take an Alka Seltzer Plus, I break it up in tiny little pieces and then it dissolves real fast that way."

She says: "Ah."

He says: "First I break it in half. Then I break it into smaller pieces. It works great that way."

She says: "Ah."

He says: "Yep. Just break it in half and then into smaller pieces."

She ??: Oh, wait. She's asleep.

You should hear him tell a story about someone pulling in front of him while he's driving. It goes something like this:

He says: "You won't believe what happened to me today."

She says: "Really? What?"

He says: "I was driving to Anderson's to get that shut off valve. I found a neat one that all you have to do is just tighten the bolt on and it's done."

She says: "That's what happened to you?"

He says: "No. Anyway, I was driving to Anderson's this morning. Right after I finished eating breakfast. I had driven past the gas station and was waiting at the light. There was a lot of traffic this morning. I'm not sure if there was an accident or not."

She says: "What happened to you this morning?"

He says: "I'm getting to that. So, anyway, I pulled through the light and after I made the turn this gal next to one of those SUVs...I think it was a Toyota something. Not the biggest one, but the smaller one. I can't remember what that model is."

She thinks: "Is he ever going to get to the actual story of what happened to him?"

He says: "So she pulls right over in front of me, no turn signal, nothing. Just like she owned the road. I blasted my horn and rode right up on her bumper."

She says: "Ah."

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