Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Suspicious Encounter...

My friend and I were so delighted that the yesterday and today we had such mild weather here in Ohio that we were able to walk outside on our breaks. Today, we decided to walk on the last half of our lunch hour. Our walk takes us around the back of our warehouse, and we never know what we might see there. Today, we saw a police car parked at one of the empty buildings, nearly hidden. As we drew closer, but not close enough to see the car number, the driver started the car and pulled away. He drove over a rope meant to keep cars from coming through and cruised through the upper parking lot where we couldn't really see him. When we turned our backs and started down the far side of the building, he cruised out of the upper parking lot and went back over the rope toward where he'd been parked earlier. By the time we returned he was nowhere to be seen. Suspicious in my eyes. Wonder what he was hiding?

I started working on a new manuscript today. I'd been struggling on how to start it. I have the entire book outlined, but those opening paragraphs are always a challenge. Well, our skies were very overcast today and the more thought I put into the opening, the more certain I became that it should begin with a tornado. What fun!

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