Friday, April 16, 2010

Friends and Sunshine...What's Not to Love About That?

Spent the day yesterday visiting with friends from my "old" day job. What a nice time. I can honestly say I miss everyone, but not the work. I don't miss sitting in a dark and dreary office with no windows for 8 to 9 hours a day. I don't miss having to battle the time clock that didn't want to recognize my finger print. I don't miss coordinating the holiday show...**shiver** I don't miss getting bored when all my work was finished. But I sure miss my friends.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. Hubby and I visited WalMart to pick up some things, then stopped at Sonic for chili dogs for dinner. We sat outdoors to eat. Later we sat on our screened in deck and played a couple games of cards.

I sprayed the dandelions in our yard. They are getting huge. In the back yard, I found mutuant dandelions. Huge, I tell you. I don't know how I'll ever dig those roots out. I've never been a gardener, but I suppose this is the year I learn.

There is nothing like a beautiful, sunny, warm day to spend time outdoors in God's creation. These are the kind of days that I do not miss going to a day job every single week day. What's not to love about being retired?

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