Thursday, April 15, 2010

Magical Waterfall Blossoms

Our wisteria tree is so beautiful. Yes, they are truly vines or bushes, but my husband planted this one ten years ago and trained it to grow up on a four by four post. By trimming all the lower vines off, it has grown into a beautiful waterfall tree. This year it is full of blooms.
Each of these clusters will blossom into gorgeous flowers that look like clusters of grapes.

Below I show a picture each day as the tree continues to open to its full beauty.

The following pictures were taken this morning. By next Thursday, all the blooms will be open! Be sure to stop by then!

Another sure sign of spring are the birds beginning to make nests in the birdhouse.
My lilac bushes are full of beautiful blooms. I love the smell of lilacs!

Have a glorious day! Thanks for stopping by.

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