Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Beautiful Sunset

Worry of the Day:  I'm getting my hair permed at 9:30.

What I'm Reading: Teacher's Plans, by JoAnn Carter

Picture of the Day:

I took this picture in Muskegon Michigan one evening as we watched the boats come through the canal to the marina.  I've always loved visiting this area, especially since hubby's relatives live in areas nearby. There's just something peaceful about the scene. It has inspired me to write a scene in my book.

Pictures are a great source of inspiration, especially personal photos. Why? Because you can attribute the meaningful emotions to them through experience. Get into the moment and write down what you felt at that particular time. Close your eyes and relive the time. Now go to your character who is experiencing the same thing and write it. You'll be utilizing "show" without even thinking about it!  This, dear friends, is what is meant by write what you know.

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