Monday, May 24, 2010

Make a Face to Chase Away the Blahs

What's on My Mind: Lunch today with my very best friend

What I'm Reading: Teacher's Plans by JoAnn Carter

Picture of the Day: Making faces with the grandkids

Don't you just love having fun with children? I love my grandkids, especially when they are young enough to want to act silly with me. On Mother's Day, I had so much fun playing with the kids. They can tire me out, especially the boys who want to wrestle with me like they do their dad. My poor body doesn't do well with rolling on the floor any longer.

I absolutely love being creatively silly. I remember having so much fun with my girls when they were growing up. And even after they were grown. A few years ago, my daughter (who has kids of her own) wanted to have a Build-a-Bear birthday. So, her friend, her sisters and I all went to Build-a-Bear after work. We had sooooo much fun and laughed so hard. I really thought we were going to be asked to leave and never come back.

My girls reminded me not long ago about the song I made up when they were complaining about an English teacher whose last name was Twynam. It went something like this:

Oh, twine 'em round your fingers, and twine 'em round your toes. Twine 'em round your shoulders and twine 'em up your nose!

Once when my youngest daughter was having a grumpy fit, I started singing the Star Spangled Banner and running around the kitchen opening and slamming the cabinet doors in time with the beats. Needless to say, she had to laugh.

Laughter is so good for the soul. It can chase away the blues, energize the system, and make the complexion glow. I don't plan to ever get to be a serious, frumpy old lady. I want to laugh and be silly and have fun until the day God calls me home.

I hope you take the chance to laugh whenever you can! Thanks for stopping by.

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