Thursday, May 27, 2010

Decision -- A Laughing Matter

Today's word: Decide -- To arrive at a solution that ends uncertainty or dispute about; to bring to a definitive end; to induce to come to a choice; to make a choice or judgment.

What I'm Reading: Cup of Joe, by Teri Wilson

Picture of the Day:

I've been tossing around the meaning of decision this morning, so when I came cross this picture I took of my daughter's cat, I just had to post it. Why? Because so many times I have to laugh at the results of decisions I've made.

Making a decision does not mean a thing without action. A person can decide to perform an act, but without acting, the decision is meaningless. I can get up in the morning and decide to lose weight and go on an exercise regime. But unless I take positive steps to do that, my decision is like a leaf blowing away in the wind.

Likewise, I can make a decision to write. I can make the decision more clear by adding a page count, or word count, or time limit. But, unless I actually follow through, what good came from making that decision?

A clear example are New Year's Resolutions that are broken a few days into the year, or time-line established goals that are never fulfilled.

So, next time you make a decision, think further. Think about the laughing cat. Think about that finished product you've made a decision about. And, take it one step further. Take action on that decision!

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