Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unicycles, Rubber Boats, and Free Reads!!! Yes, FREE!!

Quote for the Day: Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. ~ Oscar Wilde

What I'm Reading: Daniella by JoAnn Carter

News:  My new website is live! I am so excited about the new look. And, I'll be adding some free reads very soon. Be sure to stop by and grab a few!

Picture of the Day:

I purchased a rubber boat for my hubby for Christmas about 12 years ago. He loved to go fishing, and I thought a rubber boat would be something he could enjoy and be able to handle by himself. WRONG! It took about six years for him to decide to take it out, but he decided after that "experience" he couldn't handle it alone. The battery for the trolling motor was heavy. The boat itself, with the wooden floor and seat which he built was HEAVY. However, he assured me the boat would easily accommodate both of us. So, one weekend, about three years ago, I took pity on him and decided to give it a whirl...or should I say float. I gathered up my book and supplies and off we went to a nearby fishing lake. After the boat was finally floating in the water, he told me to get in. Um, okay. I had to wade into that murky water and climb (um, fall) into the bouncy boat. Room for both? Ha! Hubby sat quite nicely on his seat while I had to scrunch myself into the other end hanging my legs over the edge and well, you can see the result. Hard to read that book I'd taken along. I called this a mistake on my part, but Oscar Wilde would call it experience.

My youngest daughter learned to ride a unicycle by holding onto hubby's van to launch herself. She fell so many times, bruised and scraped her knees, cried, and continued to get back on and try again. She made mistakes along the way, but ultimately she gained experience that led to success.

Such is the life of the writer. We gain experience by submitting our manuscripts to editors, agents, and publishers. Even though we receive rejections, we cannot look on our work as a mistake. We have gained experience by writing and submitting. And we will gain contracts by continuing on the same path.

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