Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Synopsis Epiphany

Quote for the Day: Greater happiness comes with simplicity than with complexity. ~ Buddha

News:  There are two free reads available on my blog. These are previously published short stories for which I have received back the rights.

What I'm Reading: Daniella, by JoAnn Carter

 Picture of the day:
The one thing my hubby loves more than eating is talking. The main problem is he can drag out a story forever. If he is recounting the tale of someone pulling in front of him and cutting him off, he includes what time he left the house, which route he took, how many stoplights he encountered and what sights he saw along the way. All this before he gets around to telling me what actually happened.

My patience is not as good as it should be because I've tuned him out way before he gets to the good stuff. That got me to thinking about writing a synopsis, the one thing I truly dread to  write. To me, everything that happens in the book is important. It's all vital to the plot and to what happens. Unfortunately, an editor isn't interested in all that extraneous stuff. They want to cut to the chase. Give them the stuff that really matters.

In my husband's case, if he simply told me that someone in a red pickup truck cut him off and nearly caused an accident, that would tell me everything I need to know.

So, in the future when I'm writing a synopsis, I plan to remember the way my husband tells a story and cut out the unimportant stuff!

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