Friday, June 18, 2010

Caution: Brain Dump Ahead

Still struggling with the standard keyboard. My fingers are just too close together and my arms are pressed against my sides. Totally unnatural for me. Yesterday, we browsed through WalMart and I took a turn around the computer accessory section. No split keyboards! Wah!!! I'm going to check at my local office supply store next week. In the meantime, I'm fighting the keyboard. So, sorry for the lack of posts lately.

Have you tried that Raid Bug Barrier? I used it outside to try and control the ants. It seems to have helped, but I'm beginning to see more creeping closer to the house. Sigh. We've had enough rain to wash it all away. How can it possibly last six months? I'm going to go outside and spray the Ortho Home Defense Max and see if that helps. I also killed an ugly spider in my basement. It was black with legs like those jumping spiders. It had a bulbous body with a big white spot and two smaller white spots. Ugh. And it was pretty big. About quarter size. UGLY!!! I have been trying to overcome my fear of spiders, but that one freaked me out.

As for writing, I am doing edits on my manuscript as I find that easier than typing long passages on this keyboard, or on my laptop keyboard. But, I'm making progress anyway.

Today, tackle bugs, do a little weeding and dead head the roses, and then...editing!

Thanks for stopping by.

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