Friday, February 04, 2011

The Cat and the Q-Tip

My cat, Wilbur, has a fetish for Q-tips. I'm very careful to hide used ones in the bottom of the trash can beneath other debris, but he's like a bloodhound and can sniff them out of all my hiding places.

I use the Q-tips to clear makeup "goofs", especially around my eyes. Wilbur sits and stares at me, watching every move with intensity, and patiently waiting to see what I'm going to do with the treasure next. Distracting a cat with a purpose is impossible.

Yesterday, while applying makeup, I heard a noise...a rustling noise. I stopped and listened intently. The house was quiet, very quiet. The sound reminded me of the time I stayed in a cabin in Tennessee and a field mouse had found my stash of muffins. How could I have a mouse? Outside I have thirteen feral cats and inside I have three cats. No mouse would survive an attempt to break in.

I went back to applying the makeup. The noise started once again. Was it coming from the linen closet beside me where I keep all my makeup, hair, and beauty supplies? The door was cracked open. I grabbed the handle and yanked the door open!

And, there on the third shelf, where the Q-tips are housed, I found Wilbur hunkered down trying to make himself invisible with a Q-tip in his mouth!

I'm doomed.

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