Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's All About the Characters

While my friends are enjoying the hard core CSI and police shows, I'm enjoying Harry's Law and Castle. Both offer great characters, and humor along with a little suspense. Mostly I'm drawn to the characters and their interactions with each other. These characters have flaws, and draw empathy and the "rooting" for the underdog.

I suppose the reason I enjoy these "lighter" drama shows is because I'm more of a character driven writer than a plot driven writer. While plot is extremely important, and I try to pick a suspenseful plot, I more enjoy the developing of the characters. It's the interaction of the characters, their growth and change that leave me with the satisfaction of having written a good story.

The last episode of Harry's Law was really good. It revealed more in depth what drives these characters, what makes them who they are. Even laughable Tommy Jefferson has an element that you just have to love. Are there any other fans of Harry's Law out there? Why do you like it?

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